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Next Level

Next Level Consulting Firm is a global business management company that prides itself in doing consulting differently. At Next Level, we are not going to only assess the problem and provide a solution. We believe in following through with the client, step-by-step, until the achievement of an effective and successful end occurs. Next Level Consulting Firm builds relationships with clients and truly serves as a trusted adviser. We offer five main services – strategic planning, organizational development, leadership development, executive leadership coaching, and project management.

  • Strategic Planning for your organization will articulate current organizational state, where your organization is going, steps and actions needed to progress, and methods to measuring effectiveness.

  • Through Organizational Development, Next Level assists organizations in managing conflict effectively, improving performance, increasing collaboration, and confronting problems.

  • Next Level can help you build trust within your organization, clarify values, take risks, and much more through leadership development.

  • Next Level places executives in a position to be self-reliant through coaching. Instead of providing solutions, Next Level works closely with leadership and helps them to think through problem solving.

  • Through Project Management, Next Level focuses on goals, resources, and schedules to help organizations create and/ or execute projects that align with their organizational mission.


In addition, our founder and CEO, Dr. Marissa Layton, also offers services in training workshops as well as seminar and event presentations. To learn more about the services offered, please visit our services page or contact us for more information.

“Whether taking a leap or moving step by step, let us take you to the Next Level”

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