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Additional Services

Training Workshops – Dr. Marissa Layton has been creating leadership training programs and presenting on the topic of leadership development for over a decade. She created leadership development curriculum for local school boards to utilize within their middle and high schools, developed a more effective onboarding process for a major hospital in Atlanta experiencing an executive board shift, provided leadership training to a nationally known non-profit, and much more. As a Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Dr. Layton is passionate about leadership development and the effects organizational leadership has on the success of an organization. Dr. Layton's workshops feature training on diversity, team building, leadership styles, strategic development, and organizational planning. Workshops are catered to the specific needs of your organization. To book Dr. Layton for a training workshop, please email her directly at or submit your inquiry in the contact form below.

Seminar & Event Presentations – Dr. Marissa Layton happily accepts speaking engagement invitations. If you would like to book Dr. Layton to speak at your event, please email her directly at or submit your inquiry in the contact form below.

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